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When creating a PowerPoint you'll need to cite your sources both in the text of your presentation, as well as on a references slide at the end. These citations will be similar to how you would cite resources in a traditional paper. 

Every time you quote, paraphrase or use an image from a source in your presentation, you'll need an in-text citation on your slide. This will include all the same things an in-text citation includes in a paper: Author's last name, year, and location information if you are using a direct quote. Location information is either a page number, or a paragraph number.

If you are paraphrasing, the author's last name and year are sufficient. 

Here is an example: (Smith, 2015, para. 5) or (Smith, 2015)

These in-text citations will correspond to a full citation you'll include on the references slide. The references slide will look similar to the references page for a paper. Put the word References at the top of the slide and list your sources in alphabetical order, by author's last name.

If you have questions about this, consider checking out the APA Citation Guide on the library website which has visual examples (including an APA PowerPoint template), ask a librarian, or stop by the library and chat with your campus librarian.

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  1. It would be helpful if examples were demonstrated. This is helpful for those of us who are visual learners.
    by M on Oct 23, 2016.
  2. M,

    If you do images in Google, you should be able to see the visual example. I do better when there are images in lectures.

    by J on Nov 03, 2016.

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