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When you’re citing a web page that has no author, sometimes you can use the name of the organization, business or group as the author. If you don’t think that’s appropriate, then you’ll start with the title. Always keep in mind that if you don’t know who the author is, then you need to question if you can trust the information enough to use it in a paper.

Content farms are a type of web site that often does not have authors listed. Be on the lookout for content farms in your research and recognize that they may not be a reliable resource. Find out more about content farms in the links below.

When you don’t have a date, you’ll use (n.d.). It stands for no date. Again, if you don’t have a date, you’ll need to question if you can trust the information, especially if that information is time-sensitive.

You can also check out this table from APA on how to write a reference even when you don't have all the information:

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